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Venice Santi

Venice Santi

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Introducing "Venice Santi": A collection of eight (8) captivating, high-resolution background texture variations, photographed on a genuine wall featuring the authentic text "Santi" in Venice, Italy. Embrace the intricate details and genuine craftsmanship, expertly fashioned by Italian artisans centuries ago. Each texture has been diligently optimized and color corrected to serve as the ideal backdrop for your upcoming portrait masterpiece. Effortlessly blend these enchanting backgrounds with Sean Archer Portrait Master and Sean Archer Pro, enriching your creative projects and transporting your photography to the timeless allure of Venice. Experience the charm of "Venice Santi" and infuse your portraits with the essence of Italian sophistication.


  • 8 background variations
  • PSD file includes all adjustment settings
  • High Resolution
  • 8000px X 6820px
  • JPEG format
  • 2 sample layouts with model

How To Use:

    1. Open the image and process it any way you’d like and flatten the image.
    2. In Photoshop, add the texture to the layer above your edited photo. 
    3. Change blending mode to Overlay or Soft Light (feel free to experiment with different blending modes like Screen, Multiply, etc.)
    4. Add a layer mask to the texture layer and use a brush to mask the texture from your subject.

*This is not an Action/Preset. You will not install it into your program.

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Without the use of expensive gear – and using only the natural light from his apartment window– Sean Archer has garnered international fame for his unmistakable, Renaissance-style portraits.

A classically trained painter, Sean carved his style from the Masters before him, translating their celebrated techniques into a modern application.

Today, Sean is the most popular photographer at and his works are featured on the covers of photography magazines around the world.