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Sean Archer Pro

Featuring fool-proof, professional skin retouching + 25 new tools!
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro
Sean Archer Pro

Sean Archer Pro

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Transform your portraits with SEAN ARCHER PRO™. This professional toolkit gives you everything you need to retouch, clean skin, add light, color, textures and dimension to your portraits like world-famous photographer, Sean Archer.

Sean teamed up with LensLab to let photographers attain his world-class artistic style while providing unlimited creative power in an easy-to-use suite of tools. The suite puts his entire post-processing methodology at your fingertips so you can easily turn your images into works of art. 

SEAN ARCHER PRO™ features include Sean's Pro Re-lighting, Pro Eyes, Pro Masking, Pro Skin Retouching, 32 High-Resolution Background Textures and much more! 

This software includes Photoshop Actions, Lightroom Presets, Background Textures, Interactive Tutorials & Reference Files.

Requirements: SEAN ARCHER PRO™ works on both Mac and Windows and requires Adobe Photoshop v. 22, and/or Lightroom CC 7.3 through the current version.

Create mind-blowing portraits.

Achieve amazing results.

Sean Archer Pro™ eliminates the guesswork when post-processing your portraits with powerful, easy-to-use actions and presets. Simply click each action and preset and see your image come to life! Best of all, you always maintain full creative control. You decide where to place every light and how much intensity to give each effect, giving you the power to effortlessly customize your own signature look for every image.

Apply the secrets of Renaissance artists.

Now you can apply actual “Renaissance” fine-art techniques to photographs which include light theory, color, texture, and luminosity.

Add new light sources to your subject and background independently. These effects are designed to sculpt and separate your subject from the background - producing the same three-dimensional look that the masters used to make their paintings come to life!

Focus on creative decisions rather than post-processing.

So much post-processing time can be wasted trying to master the technology of editing instead of focusing on the creative process.

SEAN ARCHER PRO™ streamlines and orders your workflow, giving you the flexibility to focus on the creative editing process rather than the technology.


Works amazing with default settings but it also gives you the power to tweak to create your own looks.

SEAN ARCHER PRO™ generates multiple adjustment layers that, in the default settings will give your image an exquisite fine-art look.

However at every step, SEAN ARCHER PRO™ prompts and guides you to customize each effect, helping you create your own personal masterpiece.

Because all effects are completely non-destructive you have the power to tweak, finesse and try multiple variations until you are absolutely satisfied.

Get SEAN ARCHER's signature lighting technique.

SEAN ARCHER PRO™ contains Sean's exclusive action that is automated specifically for finding and improving the light on your subject's face, giving you ideal depth and dimension in every portrait.

Step-by-Step Interactive Tutorials Included!

About Sean Archer

Without any expensive gear – and using only the natural light from his apartment window– Sean Archer nonetheless garnered international fame in his first year of shooting for his unmistakable, Renaissance-style portraits.

A classically trained painter himself, Sean carved his style from the Masters before him, translating their celebrated techniques into a modern application.

Today, Sean is the most popular photographer at 500px.com, and one of the most popular Instagram portrait photographers. His works are featured on the covers of photography magazines around the world. Sean is also an Olympus brand ambassador and a two-time winner of "Best of Russia".


What People Are Saying

Incredibly intuitive

I found the Sean Archer Software incredibly intuitive, and very easy to understand. The results truly impressed me.

— Timothy B.
Verified purchase

I'm loving working with these

So this is unsolicited - been playing with these tools for a few days now and have really found benefit from them.

— Andy F.
Verified purchase

In one word - sculpted

Really like these presets as they provide a workflow but also allow for a great deal of control.

— Frank A.
Verified purchase

I love your editing suite

My photos are much more beautiful now!

— Petro L.
Verified purchase

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