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Showpiece Retouching Service

Showpiece Retouching Service

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Want your portraits to have that Sean Archer fine-art style, but don't have time to edit them yourself? Simply upload your portraits and we will hand retouch your images into works-of-art!

Service Includes:

Expert Skin Retouching

  • We incorporate expert techniques to ensure you will never get  a flat or plastic look like you see in $5 retouch services or apps. For every image, we deploy:
  • Frequency Separation
  • Dodge & Burning
  • Hot Spot Reduction
  • Skin Glow

Awesome Eyes

  • Enhances 8 dimensions of your subjects eyes including color, shape, contrast, intensity and sharpness.


  • Poorly-lit portraits are transformed into amazingly dimensional images that jump off the canvas.
  • Get SEAN ARCHER's signature lighting technique improving the light on your subject's face, giving you ideal depth and dimension in every portrait.

Blended Background Texture

  • We apply a signature background texture. You can request any Background Texture from our store, or we can do it for you.
  • Color Correction & Effects
  • We start by color correcting for optimized skin tone and then apply professional fine art LUTS that apply renaissance tonal effects to your subject and background.
  • Finishing Effects
  • 7 finishing effects put for a perfect portrait including perfect Vignetting and a Painterly effect to give your images a true fine-art feel. We strictly adhere to our privacy policy, and we do NOT use customer photos for portfolio unless explicit permission is granted.

 Estimated Turnaround Time

  • Estimated turnaround/delivery time is 48 hours.
  • Rush turnaround is 24 hours for $50
  • The majority of orders will be delivered within estimated turnaround time, except for a few reasons below:
    • Service category was ordered incorrectly;
    • The instructions for editing are insufficient, obscure, or ambiguous;
    • Submission is out of our service scope (will be canceled and refunded).


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Without the use of expensive gear – and using only the natural light from his apartment window– Sean Archer has garnered international fame for his unmistakable, Renaissance-style portraits.

A classically trained painter, Sean carved his style from the Masters before him, translating their celebrated techniques into a modern application.

Today, Sean is the most popular photographer at and his works are featured on the covers of photography magazines around the world.