Sandra Stipan Tutorial - How To Install & Use Lightroom Presets



This tutorial will teach you how to install and use Lightroom Presets you can download here in just a few minutes.


1. Open Lightroom.

2. Go to Edit on the top – Preferences.

3. Click on the Show Lightroom Presets box (or Show Lightroom Develop Presets, on a newest LR version).


4. Open Lightroom folder, and then Develop Presets folder within it.



Copy your downloaded presets (lrtemplate files) into the User Presets folder. 


For newer versions of Lightroom CC this process is simpler: Double click on Settings and paste the folder from your download that holds the .xmp or .lrtemplate files into this folder.


5.  Restart Lightroom and then your presets should appear in Develop module under the Presets panel:



There are various ways you can apply a preset to your photos.

1. During an import:

Just select a desired preset from the drop-down list on the Apply During Import panel, and than import your photos:


2. In the Library module:

Hold the Control button while clicking on all of the images to which you want to apply a preset. Then, under the “Saved Preset” click on the drop-down menu in the Quick Develop panel and choose the preset you would like to apply.  Your preset will be applied across all of the selected photos. You can continue this process for each group of photos.


3. After the import, in the Develop module:

Select the image thumbnail and then choose the desired preset on Presets panel.

If you want to apply presets to a multiple photos in a Develop module, you have to select the photos (CTRL + click) in the grid view and Sync the photos by clicking on the Sync button in the bottom of the right-hand panel. After that, just select the desired preset from Presets panel.

 You’re all done!