Sandra Stipan Tutorial - How To Install & Use Lightroom MOBILE Presets

This tutorial will teach you how to install and use Lightroom Mobile Presets.


1. Open Lightroom Application on your phone.

2. Create an album in which you will put DNG files for your presets so you will have everything organized.


3.  Add DNG file(s) of the preset(s) you want (you will notice that it has Raw label on the top right corner) and add it to the album.


4. Tap on the file to open it in editor. Open the top right menu and choose Create Preset.


5. Write a name of your preset, and (optional) create a new Preset Group or select an existing group where the preset will be added.


1. Go back to the home screen and create a new album in which you will import photos for editing, and than add photos (you can add both JPEG or RAW files) to that album.


2. Tap on the photo to open it in editor. Slide to the Presets on the bottom toolbar and then select the desired preset group which contains preset you want to apply to your photo.




3. When you apply preset to the photo, you can just slide through photos and apply presets to other photos in album ass well. When finished, to save them on your phone, go back to the previous screen, select them all, open a top right menu and choose Save to Device.


You’re all done!