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Showpiece Retouching Service

Go from OK to OMG

Want to offer your clients "showpiece quality" portraits that have the world-famous Sean Archer style?

Simply upload your portraits and we will hand retouch your images into works-of-art!

Turn-Key Service Includes:

1. Expert Skin Retouching - We incorporate expert techniques to ensure you will never get  a flat or plastic look like you see in $5 retouch services or apps. For every image, we deploy:

    1. • Frequency Separation
    2. • Dodge & Burning
    3. • Hot Spot Reduction
    4. • Skin Glow

2. Relighting - Poorly-lit portraits are transformed into amazingly dimensional images that jump off the canvas. Get SEAN ARCHER's signature lighting technique improving the light on your subject's face, giving you ideal depth and dimension in every portrait.

3. Blended Background Texture - We apply a signature background texture. You can request any Background Texture from our store, or we can do it for you.

4. Awesome Eyes - Enhances 8 dimensions of your subjects eyes including color, shape, contrast, intensity and sharpness.

  • 5. Color Correction & Effects - We start by color correcting for optimized skin tone and then apply professional fine art LUTS that apply tonal effects to your subject and background.
  • 6. Finishing Effects - 9 finishing effects put for a perfect portrait including perfect Vignetting and a Painterly effect to give your images a true fine-art feel. We strictly adhere to our privacy policy, and we do NOT use customer photos for portfolio unless explicit permission is granted.

Estimated Turnaround Time - Estimated turnaround/delivery time is 48 hours. Rush turnaround is 24 hours for $50. The majority of orders will be delivered within estimated turnaround time, except for a the reasons below:

    • • Service category was ordered incorrectly;

    • • The instructions for editing are insufficient, obscure, or ambiguous;

    • • Submission is out of our service scope (will be canceled and refunded).


1. You get a high-resolution, optimized JPG:

2. You also get the entire layered .PSD editing file for you to customize any way you wish. Here are the layers included:

Step-by-step Video Tutorials

  • Learn Sean Archer's post-processing secrets with tuturials that walk you through his techniques

Finishing FX Layers

  • 9 finishing effects put for a perfect portrait including Renaissance Color Tone and Painterly effects to give your images a true fine-art feel

Split-Tone Color Effects

  • 12 individual cross-processing layers for you to choose from or mix and match - each non-destructive and adjustable
  • Contact sheet layer displays 12 color options that you can instantly compare and select
  • Balance color of subjects and backgrounds

Pro Cheeks

  • Control color and density on this masked adjustment layer

Pro Lips

  • Control color and density on this masked adjustment layer

Hot Spot Reducer

  • Dial up or down any hotspots on your subject's face with this masked adjustment layer

Depth Contouring

  • Dedicated Dodge & Burn Layers to enhance depth contouring

Impeccable Vignettes

  • 12 vignette options that you can instantly compare and select
  • Control size, shape, depth and density

Professional Face Relighting

  • Move, reposition and adjust an independent face light to brighten your subject's most important feature

Professional Eye Adjustments

  • Enhance 8 dimensions of your subject's eyes
  • Customizable color correction, gamma, intensity and sharpness boosting effects

Local Dodge & Burn

  • Separate Dodge & Burn Layers to for correcting skin details

Frequency Separation

  • Separate High and Low Frequency Layers for the best skin retouching

Professional Color LUTS

  • LUT contact sheet layer displays 12 color options that you can instantly compare and select
  • Choose from and combine 12 LUTS with complete control of depth and opacity

Background Texture & Lighting

  • Relight your image with 2 background lights that are pefectly masked out behind your subject
  • Your choice of any LensLab Background texture included
  • Eliminates need to shoot with special studio backgrounds
  • Non-destructive adjustment layers let you perfectly blend backgrounds to your liking
  • Separately adjust balance between background exposure and your subject

Unretouched Image

  • Included as a reference to compare all editing to

Pro Masks

  • Separate Subject and Background masks for easy selecting

Get SEAN ARCHER's Signature Results

Our retouching employs Sean's exclusive editing techniques designed to give your images amazing depth and dimension.

Now you can offer your clients a "showpiece" look employing expert light theory, color, texture, and luminosity.

And you can tweak and fine-tune each of the dozens of effects to achieve multiple looks.

Tutorials Included As A Bonus

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