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If you already own Sean Archer's Portrait Master, this is the Quintessential Add-On editing tools that complement that toolset perfectly.

For a limited time Save 50% off the sale prices each product when you buy them as a bundle. The bundle includes:

  1. 300 Fine-Art Texture Bundle by Denise Love - This exquisite bundle includes 10 sets of hand-painted textured backgrounds each containing 30 high-resolution jpg images from the multi-award winning artist, Denise Love.

  2. LensLab™ Retouching Actions - This is the very best portrait retouching action set! LensLab™ easily takes you though the highest quality professional techniques to portrait retouching. 

  3. PortraitLayers™ IISuper-premium, fine-art scene in PSD format containing multiple layers including textures, lighting and colors. Just drag in your masked subject and adjust to your taste. Lighting layers, colors and vignettes are all adjustable and non-destructive. Includes premium Textures from 2 Lil' Owls and reference image from Sean Archer.

To Save 50% on these products, add each of these 3 products to your cart and use the coupon code QUINTESSENTIAL50 at checkout.

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  • LensLab™ Retouching Actions
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  • PortraitLayers™ II
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